Q1 2023: Positive Vibes

5 updates, articles, or podcasts that give you a little to think about and a lot more to smile about. 

1.      Charlie Buys a Bike :  Kevin recently published a children’s book which is now available on Amazon!  Charlie Buys a Bike is a fun rhyming story in which a little girl (his daughter Charlie) and her mom teach us a timeless lesson about saving money for important purchases.  The book includes a “savings plan” activity designed for pre-K and young elementary school students.  Let us know if you’d like a signed copy. 


2.      Coaches Corner on the Untucked Podcast:  Have you listened to the “Untucked” podcast with Meghan, Mike, and Jeff?  They have entertaining conversations about timely financial planning topics in their Coaches Corner segment.   Recent topics include “The banking situation,” “Giving advice to friends,” and “Kids coming off the payroll.”  Meg, Jeff, and Mike also banter about the latest in Philly sports and what they’ve been reading and watching.  Check it out! 


3.      The Morgan Housel Podcast: Rules of the Money Game: The New Wealth Project’s philosophy on money, behavioral finance, and investing is very aligned with the writer, Morgan Housel.  Housel wrote one of our favorite money books, The Psychology of Money, and just came out with a new podcast.  This particular episode is a must listen!


4.      The Happiness Paradox ( – In the longest study of human happiness, it largely comes down to one common variable – relationships.  Kevin shares a less scientific example of this principle in his latest reflection: “Who is in your cart?” 


5.      Positive Focus: Letter to your younger self:  Retired Naval Officer, Jay Hennessey, was asked by a new Navy SEAL, “What do you wish someone told you when you were in my position?” After pondering the question, Hennessey decided to write his younger self a letter. What would your letter say?  Give it a try. 


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