Add it to the registry

by Kevin Janiec CFP®, MBA

Congratulations!  You and your spouse are expecting a baby in just a few months.

You’ve read the books, downloaded the apps, and painted the nursery. You’ve analyzed every stroller, pack & play, and bassinet on the market when building your registry.  You’ve exhausted every baby name combination.  You’ve posted your pregnancy announcement on Instagram.  You’ve mentally prepared yourself for life as a parent.  You’ve accepted the fact that your world will change forever, and you’ve never been so nervous and excited for something in your life.  

And you will be GREAT!  But you forgot two of the most critical steps on the to-do list…

1. Execute foundational estate documents.
2. Get necessary insurance.

I don’t blame you. This is an exciting time and it’s filled with enough anxiety already. The last thing you want to think about is death or disability. But hear me out.

By taking the step to put the proper protections, plans, and preparations in place right now, you won’t have to worry about “what if” once your beautiful baby arrives.

With the appropriate living wills, last wills, Powers of Attorney, trusts, and beneficiaries in place, you can go back to “which swaddle works best?”

After the important conversations with your spouse about what to expect if the “unexpected” ever happens, you can revisit more fun topics like which sleep training technique is most effective.

With the necessary documents compiled and organized, you can clean out the spare closet to make room for the baby’s toys.

With the necessary life and disability insurance to cover you from any outstanding debts, cash flow needs, and future goals, you can go back to deciding whether to be a Huggies or Pampers fan.

Whether you’re expecting your first baby as new parents or you already have a bunch of kids and teenagers running around, it’s time to have the estate and insurance conversation. The New Wealth Project is here to help.

During the “Protection Solution” module in our Project Calendar, we will facilitate important discussions between you and your spouse about your wishes and contingency plans to minimize complexity, cost, and taxes for anyone or anything that you leave behind.

We will complete a comprehensive and tailored review of your assets, documents, and needs and educate you on your options.

We will coordinate with trusted estate attorneys and insurance brokers in the community to help you execute documents and acquire policies through a seamless experience.

The New Wealth Project’s “Protection Solution” will lay an important parenting foundation and allow you to sleep peacefully (during the short sleep windows that you’ll be getting).

It’s difficult to feel the sense of urgency for matters like this, especially while we’re young, healthy, and invincible. But if you know of any family that has experienced an untimely death or disability (and they’re always untimely), you’ve seen how important these thoughtful protections and preparations can be.

Soon you’ll be sitting on your couch, rocking your beautiful baby back and forth. You’ll be looking across the nursery and seeing your spouse in a way that you’ve never seen before. You’ll feel a sense of pride and purpose unlike any other. It’s going to be special and it’s going to be life changing. And we can’t wait for you to have this experience.

But because of all that…we suggest you take care of this part as soon as possible. Things will only get busier, so let’s schedule a call soon to discuss the appropriate “Protection Solution” for you. Your peace of mind and your family depend on it.

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