clarify priorities.
activate strategies.
build new wealth.

A financial planning program that helps motivated parents and professionals gain confidence and make progress with their money.

What The New Wealth Project Is Not

Not your "Dad's Guy"

Many turn to those who have served family members as a default resource for financial advice without knowing there are better options. The New Wealth Project is an approach tailor made for modern professionals, modern families, and modern leaders. 

Not A DIY Approach

Technology has made financial markets better, but pitfalls remain for those who go it alone. The New Wealth Project uses modern financial planning tools combined with the human touch of a professional advisor to avoid big mistakes.

Not a Product Salesperson

There are thousands of product salespeople masquerading as financial advisors who are more motivated by sales quotas than client outcomes. As a fee-only fiduciary, The New Wealth Project has a legal obligation to put our client’s interests first.

What Is The New Wealth Project

The New Wealth Project guides smart and motivated people to move confidently down the road to financial independence through a framework of critical decision making and a system of continual upgrade and growth. 

By connecting strategy with purpose, and by offering both financial and life planning, The New Wealth Project impacts our client’s lives today and creates a ripple effect for years to come.

Personal Finance Strategies

Today’s marketplace lacks high quality comprehensive financial advice for the emerging wealthy.  The New Wealth Project sets out to change that.

What's most important
to you?

what's most important to you?