Elite Engagement

The world and your life will continually change…

Your plan should evolve accordingly

On an ongoing basis, the Elite Engagement reviews priorities, charts progress toward goals, and explores new opportunities to exploit. 

Elite Engagement

Semi-annual plan review which is an opportunity to check in on the progress you’ve made. We will also plan for, and around, any changes to your life. The materials you can expect to receive as a result of this review are:

Access to our comprehensive financial planning software. Your personal website will serve as the hub of our engagement and allow for:

Unfettered, on demand, email access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ to address concerns like:

A quarterly performance and allocation report** for assets managed by The New Wealth Project*. Being able to track your progress is imperative. Our quarterly report is designed to:

The cost for ongoing financial planning and asset management services is based on the assets The New Wealth Project manages directly, to which the fee schedule below applies.

FIRST $1 million of assets .75 %
NEXT $1 – $2 million of assets .60 %
NEXT $2 – $3 million of assets .45 %
NEXT $3 – $5 million of assets .30 %
Above $5 million .10%
*Annual minimum fee of $2,500

*Annual minimum can be paid as an asset-based fee, a subscription-based agreement, or a combination of the two.

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