Positive Vibes

by Kevin Janiec CFP®, MBA

Positive coach update

Throughout Owen’s first season as an Assistant Coach with the Downingtown East High School Boys Lacrosse team, it was exciting to have a “behind the scenes view” of the big wins and the tough losses.  Although the D East Cougars’ journey ended in the second round of the District Playoffs, the entire season appeared to be a fun and impactful experience for all the young men involved (including Owen). 

 It was a prime example for how the work we do in our community fuels and shapes much of the work that we do in the office. Congratulations on a great season!


Remembering our heroes – As we spent yesterday remembering the many service men and women that sacrificed their lives for the freedom that we get to enjoy, curated 24 quotes that honor our nation’s heroes. 

2020 made us more selfless –  According to a new survey, 74% of Americans say 2020 has made them more aware of the needs of others—and more selfless than ever before. How did 2020 change you?

Don’t underestimate the power of kindness: One of the reasons I joined New Wealth Project was because of the kind people that I’d have the chance to work with and spend time with every day.  This Harvard Business Review article shows the data behind the power of kindness inside and outside of the workplace.

Bonus vibes:
book recommendation

Alright, Alright, Allllriiiiiight…Although Matthew McConaughey is a unique guy with some odd, inappropriate, and raucous stories, the Academy Award winning actor shares important life principles through a thoughtful and hilarious memoir called Greenlights.  Some of the content and stories in this book do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of FC Advisory, LLC, but we can all learn something from the way McConaughey approaches the philosophy of “just keep livin’.”

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