Ep 78 Coaches Corner: “Comparing finances with friends”

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Meghan Tait: [00:00:00] Hey guys, welcome to the newest episode of Untucked. Uh, today we’re gonna talk about comparing your financial status to your friends, uh, and we’re gonna discuss sports broadcasting. So we have a, a little bit of a quicker episode today, but we hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening. The opinions expressed on this podcast are our own, and they do not reflect the opinions or views of FC Advisory, the Financial Coach group, or the New Wealth project.

Nothing discussed on this podcast should be interpreted as investment advice.

Hello, and welcome to episode 78 of Untucked. This is Megan

Jeff Mastronardo: and Mike. This is Jeff. Did you guys know that Alaska has more coastline than all the other states combined? [00:01:00]

Meghan Tait: That does not surprise me. Yeah, I was thinking,

Mike Traynor: saying , like if you asked true or false, I probably would’ve said true. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.

Okay. Just a

Jeff Mastronardo: fun time. All right. That’s a fun

Meghan Tait: fact. Good. Take it. Um, where do, I guess we have to start with birds, right?

Jeff Mastronardo: I don’t know. Last night was pretty exciting. . Yeah,

Meghan Tait: I guess we could start the Sixers. Did you start there, Mike? Did you watch? No, didn’t watch the Sixers. I know

Mike Traynor: we’re this far along in this, and, and you’re asking me if I watched

Jeff Mastronardo: the Sixers.

They were playing the Nets. Okay. So that means, um, Ben Simmons is back in town. Like there, there’s, there was a reason to tune in. Dude. He got boo, not the mic, . Every time he touched

Meghan Tait: the ball, he got boo booed in warmups. It was awesome. Like he was doing a layup line and they were booing. It was hysterical. I actually, I was at the game.

I actually. at one point kind of started to feel bad because it was, look, I, I know so loud [00:02:00] every time he touched the ball, whether it was passing in the inbound, dribbling up the court, if he got the ball in the wing to immediately get rid of it, I mean, the booze started and stopped. with him, and then there was F Ben Simmons for like three minutes.

You heard it

Jeff Mastronardo: on tv, like loud and clear. It was awesome. ,

Meghan Tait: the, the Sixers had to put like the nba, um, like code of conduct policy on the screen after, after the. Three minutes of the F word. Um, but then he, I was saying this to Jeff, like he celebrated after scoring like his eighth point of the game in like the third quarter.

And I was like, yeah, I hate him again. Like, keep, let’s keep going. Let’s make them

Jeff Mastronardo: louder. , the first 27 minutes of the game, he didn’t score a point. Yeah. And then do what? Every time he took a shot, there was this excitement in the crowd like, oh, like kind of like laughing and then like it would go in and they would kind of giggle and cheer.

[00:03:00] If he missed it, they’d cheer even louder. Yeah. What was interesting to me, which I wasn’t expecting, it was clear. They all, all the Sixers hate him. Don’t like him at all. Yeah. Yeah. Like, and B, just wanted to bury him. Mm-hmm. George ne yang’s, giving him, uh, PJ Tucker’s throwing like a shirt on tv, throwing forearms into his back and rib section, to the point where Ben’s like holding his ribs and rubbing his rib.

Like, dude, Ben, what do you just get?

Meghan Tait: Get off the court. Yeah. PJ Tucker and George Yang didn’t even play with him. It’s hysterical. Yeah. They all hate him. Hate him. Every fan hates him.

Jeff Mastronardo: It’s just interesting to me because, and and he was doing the right thing. I Bead was just defending him. Defending him, defending him because he was his teammate and he had to, and he probably was trying to Will bend to become this person that he’s not.

And then once he was gone, he is just, F Ben, him, he, it was so obvious. And then Ben was playing like one-on-one defense with, against Joelle. I mean, it was mm-hmm. , what an awesome

Meghan Tait: game to go to [00:04:00] it. It was awesome. Yeah, it’s been like when my season ticket PA package came out, that one was like circled for me just because I knew the atmosphere was gonna be awesome and.

it ended up like it, it was an important game too. The Sixers have won, I think that was there like sixth in a row. Um, they’re now second outright in the East. Now. The, the Nets are without Kevin Durant, but I mean, Kyrie Irving’s playing out of his mind. So it was just like, it was a really good game.

Basketball wise. There was, I mean, there was, I think there were four techs. Yeah. Um, so it early, it was, it was chippy, it was emotional. The fans were into it. It was rowdy, it was a lot of fun. There was a

Jeff Mastronardo: moment where I think it might have been Kyrie, I’m not sure, dishes to, to and be or, um, to Ben Simmons, like three feet away from the basket and he just kicks it back out.

Yeah. We were just cracking up laughing. Yeah. Nothing has changed with this

Meghan Tait: guy. Nothing. If anything it’s gotten worse, but,

Jeff Mastronardo: um, no. And like the Sixers were blowing him. [00:05:00] And then it was tied late in the game. I mean, it was an exciting, exciting game to watch. Yeah, it was fun. Do we even want to talk

Mike Traynor: flyers,

Nah, there’s really not much to say. I mean, they’re, they’re just floundering along at roughly 500.

Jeff Mastronardo: Let me ask this, and we don’t have to spend a lot of time. How’s Torts doing?

Mike Traynor: He’s doing what he’s, uh, what he can, I mean, some people I love his, he’s, I mean, he, he’s honest and he’s, I think he’s really, really, good with the players in the sense that you know where you stand with them.

That’s always been the wrap on Tortorella in a good way. He’s doing the best he can with a mediocre bunch of players, and they’re exactly that. When they play a good team, they get annihilated. Hmm. When they play a bad team, they probably win more than they lose, and then they. an okay team. It’s a coin flip.

Yeah. And that’s where they are. So

Jeff Mastronardo: [00:06:00] Birds, birds, FFC championship. No, I don’t think any of us saw this. When, when we did our, when, when? When we started the season. Before the season started and we made our predictions, we predict them going to like one game away from the Super Bowl. , I

Mike Traynor: think all the, like, the, the records were like 11 and six or 10 and like they were playoff.

Jeff Mastronardo: Playoff playoff, yes. But I don’t think we ever

Meghan Tait: Oh, I don’t think we went that far. Yeah. Yeah. But like we were in, we, we predicted that they would

Jeff Mastronardo: make the playoffs be good. Yeah, yeah. Make it to the like, like make it to the NSE championship game and. Have a legitimate chance to win it and go to the Super Bowl.

I did not see that coming.

Meghan Tait: Uh, I mean, I guess if I, I don’t remember what I saw coming at the start of the season, but it doesn’t feel like something I’m, I’m not surprised they’re here, I guess is my point. Okay.

Mike Traynor: But I would you, you gotta probably say they have been, they’ve outperformed probably most expectations.

Absolutely. Just in how good they’ve been, how [00:07:00] consistently good they’ve been, and where they sit right now, which is, as you just said, Great chance to go to the Super Bowl. Yep, absolutely. Yeah. Did they play, were they at home the last time in the championship game

Jeff Mastronardo: when they went to the Super Bowl? Yeah, I believe they were, yes.

Yeah, they beat

Mike Traynor: Minnesota. They’ve even, okay. Right. I was thinking about that. I mean, I get they agree. I mean, I think their best players are better than the Niners best players. And if they, if those players come and deliver, they should win the game.

Jeff Mastronardo: Right. Christian McCaffrey scares me. He’s a, he’s a hell of a player.

We don’t have a guy like that on our squad. Right. Um, but our wide receivers are studs. They have a stud wide receiver in Deebo, Samuel and George Kittle Kittle. Um, we have a great tight end as well. I mean, I think we’re so evenly matched between offense and defense. It’s the same team. The difference is Ja, the quarterback is Jalen Hertz man and they get to Brock Pur.

I, I think you take a 15 yarder [00:08:00] earlier, early in the game, like somebody just rips through the line and rips his head off. , right. You take a 15 yard No, no, no doubt. No, no, no doubt. And if Jalen Hertz plays like he did last week, they win the game. Like, not even, not even a question.

Meghan Tait: Yeah. I, I think that as, as good as Purdy’s been in the situation, he’s been put into like NFC championship.

on the road in Philadelphia. Mm-hmm. . I just think the stakes are too high. Yeah. Like he doesn’t have enough experience and like that’s not a knock on what he’s done as much as it’s just the reality of what he’s gonna face on Sunday. And I would say that probably in a lot of other environments too. I’m not specifically saying it’s because he’s coming to Philly.

I just think it’s cuz he’s away from home that, I mean, it’s the most important game of his career thus far. Like that’s. .

Jeff Mastronardo: Yeah. We just, I, we, I don’t think they faced a defense like ours that has a great secondary, a great line, great linebackers. I mean, I just, they’re gonna, I think they’re gonna rip his head off the, on, I think the only way we lose, if Jalen pick, Jalen hurts us [00:09:00] to pick in the first quarter miles Sandals, Sanders fumbles.

Then we’re, then we’re done.

Meghan Tait: Right?

Jeff Mastronardo: Yeah. They gotta take care of the ball. Yeah. Right. We, we turn the ball over. I think we’re done. Yeah. I can’t freaking. We were in a meeting yesterday and we were talking to our client about the game. I hadn’t really talked, talked to anyone about it, and I was like, oh my God, I wish the game was on right now.

I’m so geeked up for it. I can’t wait.

Meghan Tait: A 3:00 PM starts perfect too. Perfect.

Mike Traynor: Great. Would it be if Colin at a game at three o’clock ? Oh, I,

Jeff Mastronardo: I wouldn’t go. I wouldn’t go.

All right, so you’re all, I mean, you’re all predicting they win Birds, win birds. Yeah, I, yeah. Birds win. They go to the super. Yeah. Wow.

Meghan Tait: All right. Uh, so for Coach’s Corner today we read an article and ti uh, titled Why Your Friends Are Usually The Worst Place to Compare Your Financial Habits. This is written by Katie.

Tain. She’s a blog Money with Katie. Her article’s an interesting read about finance, [00:10:00] financial habits, developing them, sticking to them, and comparing them. When we make new friends, one of the criteria for choosing someone is definitely not their financial responsibilities. And Katie’s article drives this point even further by saying that our friend should also not be a barometer for our own financial decision making.

Jeff Mastronardo: I mean, this seems so obvious. Yeah, right. , I think we are all subject to it. Maybe you don’t act on it, but it definitely enters the back of your mind. Yeah, right. Like you walk in your friend’s house and it’s like freaking gorgeous and it’s a McMansion and you’re like, man, like, why don’t I have that? And then you, you, you, you can start thinking about that.

I mean, I don’t think we’re all wired to like get obsessed about it and, and take action about it, but to, to say that it doesn’t hit your brain. You’d have to be, you’re lying. You’d be lying. Right? If Meg, if you bump into your friend and she just pulls up in a brand new like [00:11:00] CL 2000 Mercedes, what? I don’t mean, it’s not even a model.

es Mercedes. You, you have to be like, damn, how’s this Tammy afford that? Yeah. Like, man, now you wouldn’t, you probably wouldn’t say, what am I doing wrong? Right. But, I think it happens to everybody and it’s just human nature and it’s a really poor, um, psychological emotion that we have.

Mike Traynor: Yeah, yeah. Um, but I think there’s a wide range of, um, a, a, a big spectrum of how much it impacts different people.

For sure. Cause I know for me it’s low on the scale of registering with me. I just don’t. Give a shit like, I don’t about that stuff. It doesn’t, I’m not saying it’s not, you’re not aware of it maybe. Sure. Yeah. But I feel like it doesn’t, I don’t sit there and like, think about it or wonder what am I doing wrong or anything.

Like, I don’t, I just, it just doesn’t, doesn’t matter to me. I guess that much [00:12:00] I feel, and, and I’m not disagreeing with what you said, it’s, but I, I think it’s varying degrees in a big way across people for sure.

Meghan Tait: I think you to say you don’t care though makes you more of the exception, more of the minority.

I think more people care and I, I feel like I’m kind of where you are too, and so, but I, I guess my experience with people is that it is way more of the other side. More people notice it. Care about it to the extent that they, they want to know like, how much is that person making, how much did they spend on that thing?

And then like, why didn’t, why can’t I, or why don’t I, or, or should I, I, I do think it’s more. triggering to people than not.

Jeff Mastronardo: 100% agree with you. Yeah. You’re in the minority. Yeah. I think we all are. Yeah. Mm-hmm. , like my example of the Mick Mansion, like I walk [00:13:00] into people’s houses like that. I’m like, holy shit, look at this, please.

But then I leave and I go, I kind of like my, my, my home and how it’s not that grandiose at all. Like there’s nothing grandiose about it and it’s comfortable. People walk into my home and like, this place is nice. It’s like, it makes me feel. Like, I’m welcome here. Yeah. Not that those other places don’t.

Sure. But it’s just different. It’s not a Pottery Barn catalog. So we, I think we all, but the majority of people, I mean, I have buddies that are like, I remember like when we got outta college, how much do you think, how much do you think he makes? Mm-hmm. , how much you think that guy makes? Mm-hmm. , how do you think they afford that?

Like, I don’t give a

Meghan Tait: shit. Mm-hmm. , I don’t spend a second thinking

Jeff Mastronardo: about it. No. Yeah. And what’s interesting is how many times clients of our. , like when we first meet them, they, they lay out the paperwork, they give us the goals, and they, they’re watching us kind of go through the fact finding process, like where your money is, how much you make, and they, I mean, there’s so many [00:14:00] times they say, so where’s the stack up?

Where we stack up against people our age and in our demographic, like, it’s unbelievable. They just want to know that they’ve done the right. When it means absolutely nothing. Yeah. Mm-hmm. , I don’t care. Like who cares? If your friend who’s 25 or 30 years old has half a million dollars saved up already, if you’re the same age and you have 200 grand saved up already, and that puts you right on pla pace to meet all your goals.

Like who, who cares? Don’t worry about that. Mm-hmm. , it’s ama, like that’s a common theme that we share all the time. Like when, when it comes to investment returns, like don’t compare yourself to anyone else. , but we’re, as humans, we’re just, we love, we want to know, we want to compare.

Meghan Tait: Yeah. And then I think, and, and we belabor this point so we don’t have to spend a ton of time on it, but like, The social media aspect of our lives now, it’s like, yes, there’s the, the [00:15:00] questions when you’re talking with someone one-on-one, but then it’s seeing your friends or you know, your coworker, whomever on a sick trip or buying a new car or you know, taking an insane vacation.

And it’s like, How can they afford to do those things? And I’m sitting here at my desk, like . Um, so I think it, it, it goes beyond like the balance sheet itself, and it’s the, the way people spend their money and the experience that they spend them on. And like, because everybody else touts that on social media, you feel like you’re inundated with other people doing things, and then there’s the like, Why can’t I, the natural, I think

Jeff Mastronardo: reaction to it, it’s overwhelming and, and it must be overwhelming.

I mean, we have so much time advantage and industry advantage over most people cause we live in this. Yeah. But if I was 35 years old right now, I mean, I just think I’d, I’d be overwhelmed with fomo, um, because of social [00:16:00] media and things like that. Yeah. And

Mike Traynor: I think if you’re a person that when you’re young or really at any age, but if you’re a person who’s constantly comparing yourself,

Um, it doesn’t matter how much financial yeah. Success you have, you will always be doing that because there’s always someone who, there’s always many people who make more, have more than you. And so that’s a vicious circle to be in that will never end if that’s part of your dna and you don’t find a way.

Preventing yourself from doing that. Cause it’s not like, oh, I finally gotten here and I’m not gonna do that anymore. You will always

Jeff Mastronardo: do that. Yeah. Mm-hmm. .

Meghan Tait: Yeah. And her article kind of like lays out what we just described and then how it, you know, how it impacts you and then impacts us financially. I mean, her example is the one we’ve talked about before.

It’s like the crypto, right? Like people who get rich overnight and then everybody thinks. , I can have the same experience or the result will [00:17:00] be the same for me. So then they’re making decisions outside of their goals that are not connected to what they truly want or need, and they’re risking capital or risking their financial plan or financial livelihood.

So it’s not just the, the element of like, , we’re all different. All of our experiences are unique and, and that’s okay. It’s the next, it’s the risk that people are willing to take for what? Right. To be able to say like, I did that too. Or I have that amount in the bank too. And yeah, it just is all for,

Jeff Mastronardo: for what?

For what? She referenced something about when she was talking about, you know, it’s, you shouldn’t spend a whole lot of time obviously, comparing yourselves or, or, or talking to your friends about this stuff because she said the fact, um, in fact that there, there aren’t many people who are excellent at personal finance in general, which is I think a great statement.

Yeah. Like most people aren’t. Good at it, so don’t talk to those people. And then [00:18:00] she’s, she said something, I mean, I agree with, but I kind of don’t agree with, um, I mean, I thought it was a really great article. I thought it was a great read. I thought it was a good read for people, uh, for everyone to kind of dive into.

But she was saying like, start to blog or, or start to like read blogs and, and Insta and kind of do your homework and, and follow like some influencers that like, that will give you like financial information. I’m like, that’s good because you’re educating. But there’s so much bad information out there. As we saw Susie Orman giving us wrong future value calculations for people.

Like the best thing you could just go hire somebody. Go like, and she did mention that. Yeah, like find a, a fee only or an hourly planner that can just help you. I think that’s, that’s the solution. Like you can waste your time. online, trying to figure stuff out or just hire somebody competent.

Meghan Tait: Yeah. And then I think the exercise, she said even if you don’t even go that far, like where was I five years ago?

Yeah. Where am I now? Right. Because nobody else’s trajectory matters in, in that, um, in that type of [00:19:00] exercise. So I think. Taking the time to do that could be beneficial for for people as well.

Jeff Mastronardo: What my favorite part of the article was when she was talking about like, you shouldn’t choose your friends based on how they interact with money.

Despite what all the hardo Twitter think boys will tell you about the types of friends you should have in your thirties. , if you like Paula as a friend, because she’s the first one to take her top off and hop on the mechanical bull. That’s good enough reason for me, . And by the way, what is she doing this Friday?

That was my

Meghan Tait: favorite part of the article. . All right, so now we’re gonna talk about sports broadcasting. The article we read, Tony Romo hasn’t had the greatest playoffs. Why Jaws Wasn’t on NBC Sports Philadelphia. This was written by Rob Tono from the Philadelphia Enquirer’s article criticizes Tony Romo’s Broadcasting Skills.

Um, and it got us talking about kinda sports broadcasting more generally the value in it, whether or not we enjoy it.

Jeff Mastronardo: The article was super timely , [00:20:00] because I watched, or I listened. No, I watched the Bengals Bills game and I, and I, I was listening to, to Romo speak during the. and it’s the first time, cause I was, I was in my car, I was driving home from New Jersey, my son’s hockey game.

So he had Hulu on, on his phone and I could hear, I wasn’t watching, but I could hear it. And I typically kind of tune out the TV announcers. I, I, I’ve noticed, I really don’t pay attention to them, but I, this time I had to, cause I couldn’t watch the game and he was awful. And in the past I’ve listened to Romo and he’s pretty good.

Yeah, he was just like fawning over the Bengals and how like he just kept saying the same thing over and over and then I re and I see this article the next day. I’m like, okay. So I wasn’t the only one, and I’m not usually not that observant, but like I wasn’t the only one that felt this way, but I don’t really pay attention too much.

I feel like if they’re really [00:21:00] bad, I notice it more than if they’re really. With one exception, John SMT storing the playoffs.

Mike Traynor: Yeah. Bring that up as a, as a separate thing. But yeah, so I liked Romo. I always have, I didn’t listen to the game or I didn’t watch much of the game, so I didn’t see his performance.

And maybe it was bad, but I like him. I think he’s, I’ve always found him to be pretty insightful. And to me, football is the, the, the at the top of the list of sports that needs a good color, uh, analyst, because think about it, you. , you have a handful of seconds, and then about 25 to 30 seconds of, we have to show replay and talk about what happened and why, and who and all that every single time.

Mm-hmm. . So it’s like probably the most important color job is to be a football color guy, or, or, or woman. And I think Romo’s pretty good at it. I can’t stand collinsworth. He’s cringey hate him. It’s terrible. Um, I like Troy Aikman at it. [00:22:00] Um, who else? . I don’t know, but I like, I think, I think it’s, um, I think it’s important.

I think it adds a lot to the game because remember they did, they would do like these football games and they would have no announcers and they, it was kind of a experiment and it’s just basically just silence. And you’re just hearing the, the oos and the, the pads crap. . It’s

Jeff Mastronardo: a, it’s like unwatchable. Yeah.

Can you do without the sideline reporters or you like them too?

Mike Traynor: No, I don’t. I can do without them. I can do without them cuz they’re just, they don’t. to me, they don’t add much other than like an injury update or,

Meghan Tait: or an interview at halftime or something. What you think. Yeah.

Mike Traynor: Yeah. But, um, I, I was thinking about the other sports too, right?

So going to baseball, like I was thinking, oh, baseball’s the one sport that’s like, you don’t have to be anything to be a baseball announcer, play by play or color, cuz nothing’s happening. And you basically just tell stories the whole time. And then, oh, and that ball’s up outside, wind up. And by the [00:23:00] way, What I was saying, like it’s just so nothing going on.

But Jack, to your point, Smeltz was awesome in the playoffs. He was

Jeff Mastronardo: awesome. Yeah. I’ll listen to that all day long. Cause I agree with you. I don’t think you need a whole lot in baseball, football. Yes. You have to feel dead air basketball. I mean, it’s, I’m, I’m watching what’s happening. Hockey. Hockey, hockey is hockey’s hard to do because I can’t, you can’t follow the puck.

You don’t know like where stuff is. The

Mike Traynor: play by play person in hockey has a hard job because, It can be minutes without a whistle. Mm-hmm. and the puck’s always moving. Something’s always needing to be described. Who has it, who did what? Um, no other sports like that. Mm-hmm. , I think that’s a very difficult one to do, and the people that are really good at it are like, unbelievable, like how good they are at it.

And hockey’s good to have a good color analyst in there as well. I think I, I think it adds a lot to it when they’re, . Um, but to your point, Jeff, when they’re bad, I think you do notice very much so, um,

Jeff Mastronardo: in any sport I noticed. [00:24:00] Yeah, I noticed the, the, like, Richie

Mike Traynor: Ashburn, like Richie Ashburn would just sit there and be like, for Harry Callus and be like, yep,

Like he wouldn’t add anything. And then some of these guys are pretty like, like SMTs. I mean, they’re great at, at adding insights that you never would think

Jeff Mastronardo: of. I mean, zoom off was awesome.

Meghan Tait: Zoom off was awesome. Kate. Scott’s really good. I know you don’t like her, but she’s a very good commentator. She

Jeff Mastronardo: may, she said a word last night.

It was like, skip a do or something like that. Did you hear that? No. I was at the game. No. I didn’t know if you saw anything on Twitter. Because then, uh, ala ripped her for it. Like he’s ALA’s the worst. He used the word kind of, and she’s like, yeah, I’m sorry. I’ll never say that again. And then Taryn. Hatcher was doing like an in between the quarters thing and, and used it too, like busting her stone.

So, yeah. Um, she’s growing on me. I’ll give you that. Yeah. I, I, I honestly, I just don’t, I don’t really feel like I need the TV announcers. A lot of times when I’m watching a game or having [00:25:00] people over, I don’t. , you know, I don’t even really have, the only time is like when something happens, like there’s a flag thrown and guys are yelling at each other and I have no, I, if I can’t hear it, I have no idea what’s going on.

Yeah. And I’m like, all right, everybody shut up. Like, let’s, let’s listen to the announcers. Yeah. But on a play, play by play, I, I, I really, I, I don’t lean on ’em too much. I


Meghan Tait: know enough about football to go like, , no announcers. Like, I need context. I need help. Same thing with hockey. I don’t watch a lot of hockey, but like for my benefit to actually understand more of what’s happening, even if they’re bad, I don’t know enough to know they’re really bad.

Whereas basketball, I can be hyper critical of people. Mm-hmm. , because I don’t even know that I can think of an example where someone’s wrong. It’s just. The information’s stupid. Like it, it’s not helpful. It’s not entertaining, and that’s where I feel like ALA shakes out. He is. Not entertaining to me. He just talks to talk.[00:26:00]

And I feel like he takes away from Kate who knows what she’s talking about, articulates in a really like succinct and easy to understand way. And then you have him just b blabbering in the background about nothing. Yeah, he is a bit of, bit of a goofball, but, um, so I don’t hate him. I do, I like so clearly

Um, and then like for baseball, Mute and Jack Johnson on the background, like, I could not care less what anybody has to say about that sport. And that’s, again, like, that’s not even me not knowing. That’s me not caring. .

Jeff Mastronardo: I, I don’t know what they need to tell you. Yeah. Like I can see if it’s a ball or a strike.

It’s on the screen. I could watch the ums reaction. There’s very little to

Mike Traynor: add to very little what you’re watching, right? Very little. Yeah. It’s like you’re watching a game with your buddy with like, eh, it’s a nice double play turn. . Yeah, it was, yeah. Okay. Well, so gimme something else. You got, you

Jeff Mastronardo: need more

[00:27:00] Are you guys looking forward to Brady being a commentator? .

Meghan Tait: I mean, I don’t hate Brady the way you hate Brady. I’m kind of indifferent towards him. I, I was gonna say, I’m neutral on, yeah. I mean, like, I, I don’t think I’m looking forward to him being a broadcaster, but I’m also. Devastated that he’s gonna be a broadcast.


Jeff Mastronardo: hate his stupid face. I’m tired of seeing him. I wish he would just go away. The fact that he’s gonna still be in football. Yeah, I, I have, I hope, I hope he’s got awful. And after a year, they’re like, all right, take your 300 million and just go away.

Meghan Tait: He’s not gonna be bad, dude. Oh, sorry. I don’t love Aikman.

I don’t love Buck Joe. . Yeah, he’s

Mike Traynor: polarizing.

Meghan Tait: He needs to go away. My man is on every sport. Like does he have a family? Does he do anything? No. Except talk about sports. No. Um, Colin Worth’s bad. Yeah. Um, I mean, obviously we’re lucky with [00:28:00] Merrill. I don’t know if other cities let’s radio cities. I know, but it’s still like a form of sport broadcasting.

Jeff Mastronardo: I mean, we’ve, we’ve been lucky that way radio wise. I mean, callous. . Yeah. I mean McGinnis, I mean, we have rock stars in this city, dude.

Meghan Tait: I don’t know. I’m sure other cities have.

Jeff Mastronardo: So

Mike Traynor: when there’s a national broadcast, um, and you’re getting the national announcers Yeah. Let’s say playoffs, whatever, whatever it is.

Do you prefer that over the homers that we have or would you rather have a

Jeff Mastronardo: Homer call in the game? No, no, no. Homer. Gimme a homer. Yeah. I think the national, whenever I watch, and this is one of my beefs with TV sports. . In every sport, in every game, the announcer’s gonna say something to the effect, like this Fletcher Cox, he is the best, like outside linebacker in the game today.

Like there’s always, they always call someone the best at something like, Every game like you just told [00:29:00] me, like that guy from last week was the best outside line. And I know Fletcher Cox is an outside linebacker, but I just couldn’t think of whatever position he is. Right. Tackle whatever they always do that he’s the best or she’s the be like, no, you can’t call everyone the best.

It drives me crazy.

Meghan Tait: Yeah, clearly. Wow. Um, I, I guess I’m thinking about Sixers specifically. I don’t mind the national broadcasts. Like I love Doris Burke. Everybody hates her, but I think she’s a really good broadcaster. She’s terrible. Um, JJ Reddick is broadcasting now and he’s smart and enjoyable. So like I can get down with a national broadcast here or there.

Um, . I don’t know if I have a preference. I, I don’t know if I, if I can answer that, like I’m not, I know I’ve talked a lot about Kate Scott and how much I like her. I’m not so excited by her that I would, I could say blanketly, like I prefer the, the Homer, but I don’t know. I don’t think I have a strong opinion on [00:30:00] that.

Jeff Mastronardo: You don’t prefer the Homer? I love it.

Mike Traynor: Um, I’m just thinking about the flyers. I think Jim Jackson is really good. He’s good at what he does. I think he’s great. He’s good, and he has, I mean, he’s just good and he, and he’s not like, he’s an ex-player. Um,

Jeff Mastronardo: he is not a homer.

Mike Traynor: He’s, he is a little bit better. He doesn’t go over the top.

Right. He’s, there’s some other cities where it’s, it’s unbelievable when you listen to. The home broadcaster stuff. Yeah. Um, so I mean, I think if he’s, if the broadcaster is good, like Jackson, I’m fine with it. But when I watch a game, it’s a national game. I like, I kind of like the call from the, you know, the neutral people.

Jeff Mastronardo: I always find that they’re not so neutral. Right? Like if it’s Sidney Crosby, they’re just like bawling all over Sidney Crosby. Or if it’s LeBron James, they’re bawling over LeBron James like, stop. They’re not, they, they, they gravitate to the, the stars of the game, which I guess they have to, but it’s annoying to [00:31:00] me.


Meghan Tait: A lot of things annoying to you. . Sorry, Tom Brady? Yeah. National broadcast. , Fletcher Cox. Actual position. All

Mike Traynor: right. moving on.

Jeff Mastronardo: Yep. Top five. I love my top five. Yeah. Yeah, I do. I really

Meghan Tait: do. Top five red flags when meeting someone new. Yeah. You wanna go first? So,

Mike Traynor: oh, just con for me, just thinking about the, the context is like, right, the normal situations could be social.

Mm-hmm. could be business. could be, um, sitting next to someone on an airplane. I mean, just any of those kinds of things, right? Yeah. And for me, I have red flags and I don’t mean any of these are like. Deal breakers, like some of them are just red flags and it turns out to be that the person’s okay. Okay.


Jeff Mastronardo: Okay. Go ahead. Why don’t you [00:32:00] start? Ooh. You don’t wanna go first. I don’t. I don’t. He’s got like a bunch of, I feel like we

Meghan Tait: might have some overlap. That’s why. How about you go first since you love your top five.

Jeff Mastronardo: Okay. Um, when someone asks if they can, um, spend the night with your spouse for a million dollars.

I just think that’s an immediate red flag.

what was that movie? What was that movie? Uh,

Mike Traynor: indecent proposal. In proposal. And it literally popped up on like my Hulu movies thing recently. It’s so funny. I’m joking.

Jeff Mastronardo: It was a joke. It was a joke. Okay. When someone asked you how much you bench, squat and deadlift doesn’t happen to you guys?

Mike Traynor: Nope. Okay.

That’s another

Jeff Mastronardo: joke. All right. . So

Meghan Tait: he’ll be here all week weekend then? Yeah. .

Jeff Mastronardo: The top two buttons unbuttoned of your, of your dress down shirt. Mm-hmm. for dudes. It’s, it’s an immediate red flag for me. I’m immediately like, I hate this person. Yeah. It’s pretty good one. And I have good, good friends that do it.

So maybe that falls into your category. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a red flag for me. That’s a good one. [00:33:00] When someone’s too flirty with your significant. Or, or anyone else’s significant other. When I see that, when I meet them and they’re just like too flirty. It’s a red flag. . Um, when people ask you like conversational questions, if you can live anywhere in the world, , where would you wanna live?

Like, come on cuz You just want me to ask you that question. It drives me crazy. I hate and it means you have nothing else to talk about. . Um, when people talk politic, When, when you first meet them, that that’s a, that’s a no-go for me. And my last one, when someone only talks about their job, to me it’s just they have nothing else going on in their life.

And it’s like, how about that junk bond market like,

Mike Traynor: You like, you hang out with people that do that?

Jeff Mastronardo: No, I don’t. But if I, but that’s why, if I’d be a red flag. Okay. [00:34:00] I don’t just talk about their job and their job and their job. It’s like, dude, shut up.

Meghan Tait: Okay. All right. Um, so I have people who interrupt, like if you meet someone for the first time and you’re trying to hold a conversation and they’re.

constantly interrupting you or the other people in the circle. It’s like I, I have no interest in talking to you anymore.

Jeff Mastronardo: That’s like a great one.

Meghan Tait: Um, cheap people. So you’ve, you’re going out to dinner with friends and like someone asks to itemize the bill. Yep. Yeah. Good one. Never going out to eat again with you.

Yep. So mine are a little bit more black and white. Like . Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. People who, that that’s, this is kind of like something I do, but, um, people who talk shit, so like, You’re with somebody and they walk away and then somebody starts talking about the person who just walked away. Yeah. It’s bad quality.

Yeah, it’s gross. I [00:35:00] probably do it a lot. I probably do it too, but I don’t like it. . Try not to. People who are constantly taking pictures, you’re out to dinner, like we’re taking pictures of our food, we’re taking pictures of ourselves in the restaurant. Like I can’t picture posting pictures, snapping

Jeff Mastronardo: and posting.

I’m with

Meghan Tait: you. Yeah. Yeah. And then cuff links.

Jeff Mastronardo: Yeah. Yeah. That’s my fifth cuff links are, it’s a, it’s an immediate red flag. Yeah. Cuff links and the two top buttons on button. Oh, geez. Oh dude. Run. This is the worst

Meghan Tait: person on the planet. .

Mike Traynor: And a $20,000 watch . Yes. Okay. I got a bunch. So I’m gonna have to, um, I’ll start with name

Jeff Mastronardo: droppers.

Okay. That’s a good

Mike Traynor: one. That’s a good one. Um, you know, say no more. We know what that is. Yep. It’s, yeah. Red flag red. I’m gonna say, um, someone who brings up anything to do with astrology when you first meet them, like, oh, you’re a Taurus. Ooh. That’s like, [00:36:00] something like that. That to me is like red flag Central.

Meghan Tait: Yeah, that’s a good one. .

Jeff Mastronardo: I can’t say that I’ve like, that’s happened to me recently. But

Mike Traynor: yes. Or, or there, you know, your birthday comes up or something and then somebody comments, oh, you’re a Scorpio. That means, you know something,

Jeff Mastronardo: I’m out. It hasn’t, it doesn’t happen to me much cause I don’t hang out with people like that.

But then I do meet people like that, do that, and I’m like, red flag. Yeah. immediately get away from this person.

Mike Traynor: Um, people who use stupid phrases like an example is, uh, yeah, we’re pregnant. Um, no, only one of you’s pregnant. . Now, if you said we’re expecting Yeah. You’re, you’re both expecting, but only one of these

Jeff Mastronardo: pregnant, I think you’re supposed to say, we’re pregnant.

No, no. I think you are. That’s a red flag. It’s not. It’s what you’re supposed to say. Not like she’s pregnant. I had

Mike Traynor: a bitch over There’s pregnant. I didn’t [00:37:00] say that. I said, no, but that’s what you, we are not pregnant. And to use that term to me

Jeff Mastronardo: as a red flag, the, the society’s changed . That’s, that’s the. It’s shame just way, dude, I’m just helping you.

I’m trying to help you out. That’s what you do now, , you don’t say the bitch over there is pregnant. She’s pregnant. Nobody said the bitch over there. Well, you don’t say, yeah, uh,

Mike Traynor: she’s pregnant. Only one person is pregnant in this scenario. We’re just gonna have to

Jeff Mastronardo: disagree. Okay. We’re pregnant. Okay, we’re pregnant.

Mike Traynor: Um, my next one is those people. refer to themselves as a full first name, for example. Hi, I’m Alexander, not Al, not Alex. Not even Xander. Yeah, Alexander. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Or Elizabeth. I’m Elizabeth . How about Beth? How about Liz?

Jeff Mastronardo: No. Yeah, gimme your short name. Cause I’m not going formal name. You

Mike Traynor: know there’s a, it just says a little.

That’s a red [00:38:00] flag. That’s all. Yeah, that’s all. , um, . And then my last one I’ll use is, um, man buns. Now some people have long hair and they time, time to time have to put it in a man bun. But when I see a man bun, it’s a red flag.

Jeff Mastronardo: Now, I don’t disagree. I don’t disagree. Again, this, this, this, you and I don’t always see eye to eye , but that one I, I.


Meghan Tait: just a bun, .

Jeff Mastronardo: It’s a stupid look. . It’s a stupid look. I don’t even like to see it when the dudes roll it up at the gym. It’s like, put a hat on or something, man. It’s a dumb look. I, I don’t like the man. Thanks. Thanks. Okay. All right, Liz. The red flags, that’s my five. I think Mike wins that one. Yeah. Yeah.

Okay. Although the interrupter, you know why I’m, I’m partial to that. . Yeah. You hate interrupters? No. My wife is the biggest. . Interrupter

Meghan Tait: [00:39:00] on the planet. Maybe that’s why you hate them.

All right. Alright. Till next time. Thanks for listening to ya. Go Birds.