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Hey guys, welcome to the newest episode of Untucked. Uh, we have a fair amount of Eagles Super Bowl prep, along with, uh, some score predictions, and then our coach’s corner. Today we’re gonna talk about kids being off the payroll and when does it make sense for that to happen. And then we’re gonna discuss an article from The Cut about modern etiquette roles.

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Welcome to episode 79 of. This is Megan and Mike, and this is Jeff. [00:01:00] You probably intuitively know this, but did you know that a 50% off sign increases sales even if shoppers don’t know the original price or what a reasonable price for the product would be? Yeah, that’s, I think you’re right. That’s not a surprise.

Just a fun fact. , Jeff was admitted. Admitted to, um, having some difficulty scrambling for the fun fact, finding a fun fact. He said he went through a couple different topics. Yeah, it wasn’t as easy this week. Um, Had a couple others, but like moons can have moons, right? Like moons can have moons, and they’re called moon moons.

That would’ve been better, I think, . I thought the two of you would’ve slapped me if I used that one. , maybe if you led with that one. But comparing it to 50% off, it’s definitely the better of the two moon moons. Like they can’t think of [00:02:00] a better term for it. I’m here for very easy, accurate descriptions of things.

Okay. Like moon moons. I know exactly what it is. It is the moon of a moon. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. I mean, there’s no mistaking that.

You gonna lead us off, Jeffrey? We’re doing Philly sports now. What is your opinion on. all the talk, which I’m sure both of you are knee deep in right now, of like the birds really haven’t earned it this year. Uh, you gotta explain that to me cuz I am not knee deep in any of the chatter. Is that what they’re saying On um, their schedule was cake.

Yeah. Easy schedule. Um, played against hurt teams every step of the way. Giants. Yeah. I guess the Giants had their starting quarterback. Daniel Jones, right? Yeah. But then they didn’t like they beat a team in the 49ers that literally didn’t have a [00:03:00] quarterback, even though we knocked both of their quarterbacks out, and now they’re going against Kansas City with possibly a hurt Mahomes.

What’s your take on it on that perspective? Who’s what? So this is coming from outside of Philly sports fandom. I’m taking it like national media. Yeah, yeah. Like a Stephen A. Smith or something like that. Yeah. I mean, I don’t think he’s said it specifically, but Yeah. So talking ahead on some sportscast who’s just trying to, I think they have to fill airtime for two weeks.

Yeah. Get a reaction. That’s it. How did the, how did each of you feel about the game? It’s probably the first game, these playoffs where I’m like, Hmm, it’s gonna be a, I was, I was much more confident going into the Giants game and the Niners game than I feel going into this game. And I think it’s just because Kansas City’s been [00:04:00] so dominant for the last however many years really, since Patrick Mahomes been their quarterback that.

even maybe a little bit hurt even with whatever you wanna say about Andy and his coaching style. Like they’re a very good team, but like both teams are very good. . Yeah. Like, that’s why they’re both here. This is the, this is the first game I’m going into that I feel confident. . Like I was nervous about the Giants.

Yeah. Giants were coming off a, a good win. We, we were. Um, but they beat them handily. Uh, the Niners have the best defense or one of the best defense defenses in the league, so wasn’t sure how that was gonna turn out, wasn’t confident. And the more I think about this game, I just keep, like when the, when the Chiefs played the bucks in the Super Bowl, the bucks just, I mean, they were chasing Mahomes the entire game.

Like [00:05:00] he was running the entire. , our defense is better than the Bucks defense. He’s not a hundred percent. Like I, I mean, I hate to say it, I just like, I feel like, like I feel very confident that the birds are gonna win, which I don’t like. And like even a part of me, like deep down is like they might even like, Kill ’em.

Whoa. Like it might not even be a game. Whoa. I know. And I don’t like feeling that way at all, , because I’m just like, our defense may shut them down. They don’t have Tyreek Hill. Yeah. But they have Travis Kelsey. They have Travis Kelsey of I. I got you. Okay. And then who? I don’t know. Travis Kelsey’s wrecked a couple of teams himself this year.

Sure. And when we played the 49 or when we played the, um, the Patriots and won that Super Bowl in 17, that second half Gronk just picked us apart. Like, yeah. He was unstoppable. And I think that’s possible, possible with [00:06:00] with, with KC. If we hold them to 20 points or less, we win the game. I’m, I’m 100% convinced of that.

Cause we’re gonna score more than 20. I know that . Wow. Pretty specific. Yeah. Look, I, I don’t, you guys are like Fairweather fans. You’re, neither one of you are dialed into any, you’re only dialed in the six ERs. You’re only dialed in the flyers. I’m four for four . But you’re listening. Yeah, you’re six 10 w i p every day, and I only call in like five times a week.

Yeah. You definitely pay more attention. I give you that. You have a much, you’re far more confident I than I am. I’m not gonna speak for Mike, but that’s, that’s because you, you pay more attention, you’re more aware, more in tune. I think it just sets up on paper to. a an awesome game. A good game. Yeah. And, and yeah, anything can happen.

It could be a 31 point blowout one way or the other because of [00:07:00] turnovers or penalties or injury. I mean, it’s like any single game. Yeah. I just, I, I expect it’s gonna be good. I think on paper when we look at it, like the Eagles beat them in every category except for quarterback. Mm-hmm. . . And it’s not like, especially given the fact that Mahomes is hurt slightly, but then again, so is Jalen.

Yeah. Um, it’s not this huge disparity of, of quarterback differential. So when I look at like on paper, like it, it should, the eagle should win. Now I’m saying that, but believe me, I don’t feel this confident. and because like what you just said, Mike, like anything can happen. Do you know what the spread is?

It’s like one and a half. Yeah. That’s fair. I think. Mm-hmm. crazy. The chiefs have been here though more recently, more collectively. I mean the team that this eagle scene that won in what is 18, like it’s a very different [00:08:00] team than is going back this year. I think that matters. Um, . So, yeah, I, I think you on paper like means nothing to me cuz this is the only, the, the only game that matters at this point.

Like they’ve, they’ve gotten to the only point that every team works to and it’s just like anything can happen. Yeah. On paper it doesn’t matter. You know what I just said, who’s been here, who hasn’t, doesn’t really matter. Yeah. And back to what you started with. . Oh, they didn’t earn it. I mean, what they 14 regular season wins.

Was it ? They, they rolled over their two games in the, in the playoffs. I mean, it’s still the nfl. It’s not easy to do any of that. Yeah. Like against anyone. Right. And they, they could have won 16 if their quarterback was healthy the entire year. No, I don’t. I, I, I, I throw that Yeah. Out the window. I mean, you’re playing an NFL team.

They’re grown ass. that want to beat you to win [00:09:00] 14 of those matchups. Right. You earned it. Right. And if you talk to any player or coach in the league, they would be like, that is bullshit. It like nobody, everybody feels exactly that way. You could be the worst team in the league playing the best team in the league and you have to show up to play.

So I it, like Mike said, it’s just. Killing time and getting reactions for a couple weeks cuz there’s only so much you can say about the Kelsey Brothers being in the Super Bowl together. Yeah. My only, my only fear is the moment gets a little too big for Jalen or, and or Nick Sirianni. Mm-hmm. and Nick tries to like, outthink himself.

Like, just go out and play the game like you’ve been playing at all season. Don’t try to do anything funky or crazy. Um, and Jaylen, just keep your cool. Don’t fumble. Don’t throw an interception. Yeah. Like on side kick, take care of the ball opening, kick off or something like that. Don’t do anything stupid.

You’re down, step nothing. Yeah. Yeah. Or like, you know, and that, that’s the kind of stuff that sucks that, that’s [00:10:00] crazy about the nfl. I mean, Jaylen can drop back and fumble and Casey picks it up and Yeah. Goes, goes for six. And here we are with 1428, left in the first quarter. down seven. Man. Like I’ll like, I’ll lose my shit if that happens.

Yeah, yeah, you will. But I will say the final will be 31 17 . Birds. Birds. Yeah. You wanna go? What’s your prediction? Um, 2314 birds. Ooh, low scoring affair. Um, I’m not good with this cuz like sometimes I say numbers. You can’t even have ’em as a football score. any, any number? Um, seven. I think it’s gonna be . I think it’s gonna be close.

So I’m gonna say can you have 30 points? 30 make sense, right? Yeah, you can have, I’m gonna do 35, 32 and above is all 35. 30. Okay. The over under is 51. You think there’s gonna be 65 points scored in the game? Yeah. No defense. I’m so [00:11:00] excited though, man. I can’t wait. And this has been the longest week I’ve had.

I’ve had in a while. Like yesterday I was home. I’m like, like eight, eight dinner. I’m like, oh my God. It’s only Tuesday. I thought it was like Friday. I’m like, I’m like a child. Yeah. All right, well that’s enough of Super Bowl talk. Go Birds. Just as bad as w i p. Yeah. . Go Birds, . Um, You wanna get into it? Yeah, let’s do it.

So for Coach’s Corner today, we are going to discuss when should kids be off the payroll. We have a pretty unique perspective on this particular question. Jeff and Mike have young adult children. We work with people who receive financial support from their parents. We also work with parents who give financial support to their children.

What we wanna talk about today is if and when it should stop. Yeah. I think this topic is. It’s all over the place. I mean, obviously there’s no right or wrong answer. Mm-hmm. . Um, but I, like, I know from my perspective, I graduated college, uh, my [00:12:00] daughter was born in October, so two months after I graduated college.

So I, you know, was looking for a job, was living at home. Um, you know, part-time si part-time. Single dad trying. Help raise a child, help financially support a child, like I wasn’t in any hurry to like, move out of the house. Um, so now I wasn’t looking to stay there forever. Meaning your parents’ house, correct?

Yeah, but I didn’t, I definitely got the nudge, like from my folks, it, it got to the point where they were like, so winner. When are you gonna meet someone or when are you gonna just get out? Like, and like, why are all these toys all over the place? . So I kind of was like not forced out, but it was clear like ti time to move on.

But I was probably after maybe like a year or two, I was probably 23, 24 when I moved out. My 23 year old is [00:13:00] kind of part-time living with, with us now. And I mean, I hate to say this, but, but like, maybe like a month after she was there, I was like, when is she getting. Like, when is she gonna get her shit together and get a full-time job?

Like, and I just kind of forgot that, you know what’s, what’s, I forgot what it was like to be 23. Yeah. So I believe that there should be some timeframe and, and this is my personal opinion, unless your kid like totally has their stuff together. Right. And who’s graduated has a good paying job right outta graduation, be right after they graduated because they did an internship with this company and they’re just put together and they, they’ve moved.

If your kid’s trying to figure it out, I think you help them save some money, help educate them on how to financially support themselves, do a budget, pay taxes, like learn the robes until they can afford to move out. But at some point that has to happen once they’re financially able to do it or on. [00:14:00] on the brink of financially able to do it because I don’t think it hurts to like, have them need to push a little bit.

Yeah. And I think it’s sort of like, um, it’s not like graduation isn’t even necessarily a like, like a fact. I mean, there’s plenty of, I think more so than ever probably more, more kids or young adults that. find that college is for them, right? And they’re sure maybe living at home trying to figure it out or whatever.

I mean, I think, I think the answer is just that it’s a big, it depends, you know, capital D depends on the, there’s so many variables in this situation. You know, you could have multiple kids and let’s say two of them. very self-sufficient. They’re out quickly and they’re off to whatever. And then you have one who’s struggling for whatever the reason or reasons, and you know, you’re gonna do what I would think you’re gonna do what you can to help them and not just [00:15:00] like say, here’s the door, figure it out.

Um, maybe the tough love piece is to a certain extent, uh, a thing and, and can be part of it, but I, I just think it’s a very hard open-ended question. . Um, because every situation is different. Every kid is different, every economy is different. I mean, I, I lived at home for a year and a half after I graduated cuz we were in a recession.

The jobs were not to be had. Um, and it took that long really for me to get a job basically. And, uh, so, and I was like, you, I was like, whatever were you 23 or so at that time? Yeah, yeah. Um, so I think a lot of it depends. Internal and external factors? I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know that have a good answer for that when they’re off the payroll.

It’s, it depends, I think, and to what extent they’re off the payroll. Right. How sure You’re helping ’em with cer certain things or you know, they’re paying for most of their own stuff, but [00:16:00] maybe you’re helping them with. , I don’t know, a car payment or something like that. I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m not there yet, but , yeah.

We had this discuss, Jeff, Melissa and I talked about your daughter and it was like exactly what you just said, what you both just said. But we did identify like. certain things that were going to happen, right? Like a student loan was gonna be paid off or she was gonna get a new job or Right. There were certain, you know, when, when she’s off the insurance, when she’s 26 and she can no longer be on, you know, your health insurance.

Like there were gonna naturally be some, um, some things, some events, if that’s the right word, that probably cause everyone to be like, okay, well what’s next? Right? And I think that, In my mind at least, maybe the more logical way to like think about it. It’s not a defined moment in time, it’s not a particular age, but it’s, [00:17:00] it’s the recognition that, hey, we wanna get somewhere and there’s a series of events that are going to cause us to.

Figure out how close we are, like how much sense it makes to take that next step. And a lot of those are financial. A lot of those are things that parents provide in the form of support that go away or change hands that I think require. There to, at the very least, be a discussion about where are we going from here?

Yeah. The biggest event is the, the child’s gonna want to be living on their own. Like they don’t wanna live in your house anymore. And that’s just a huge financial thing to overcome, to figure out what am I buying? A, am I buying a place or am I running an apartment? And what does that cost and how the hell do I even do that?

Because, you know, the, the, the boys don’t wanna stay at home. , like bring girls home or boys home or whoever, uh, in mom and dad’s house. So that’s the biggest, I think the first kind of hurdle. But as far as off the payroll, like what does that even mean? Like, do, do either one of your [00:18:00] kids e do any of your children have like, uh, like a credit card Dad is like one of your credit cards?

Yeah, that’s how I started it. But then got them their own credit card. once they could, that they pay for. That. They pay for. Do they ever use your credit card still? For sure. . Yeah. For food and for, you know, the things that are kind of part of the deal Yeah. For being at college, which is like room and boarding that includes, you know, food not, not going out Yeah.

Or not playing golf Right. Or anything like that. But, but food is still kind of like, it’s on mine. Yeah. Copays. Copays. Yeah. , what do you mean? To go to a doctor down, down to South Carolina? Oh no, I pay for that. Yeah, they, they, yeah, they, they, they use your card for the copays. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I mean also like the scenario where, like you just said that they want to, they, you know, at some point they want to get outta the house.

They don’t wanna live at home, but, you know, there’s the, there’s plenty of scenarios where the twentysomething or even 30 something year old, is living in the basement playing video [00:19:00] games and doesn’t have any interest in working. Right. Why do they always have to be playing video games in the basement?

Why can’t they just be in the basement, like making Legos or something, or like a, a model airplane. Why do you have to come down on video game players? Just curious about that. Yeah. Touched a nerve. Touch Jeff’s nerve there because it’s a 40 something . Yeah. Yeah. So there’s, there’s lots of kids that are.

and it’s like, Hey, I don’t want my own place so I’ll just stay here until, until Well, that’s what I mean by like, there has to be discussions. Yeah, there ha. Right. Because even if the kid doesn’t want it, well if the parents don’t want that, there has to be a discussion cuz it can’t be something that gets like, never discussed and then it right boils up and then it’s like, get the hell out of my house.

Right? Like, of course people don’t want that to be the alternative. So I feel like using whether it’s, Hey, I really would like to, like this time next year, be in my own place. Okay, what are the steps we need to take to get there? Hey, [00:20:00] we’re covering your student loan for one year. That was the deal. What are you gonna do?

right? It starts, you know, kicking in. Like I just think it makes sense to have those conversations. That’s what my parents did and it was never like you have to be out by a certain time. But I think they knew that if we did certain things, we would eventually be out, which was the goal for everybody. I think there should be a conversation about a around, you have to be out by a certain time.

Obviously circumstances may come up, right, which are gonna change that, but our plan is, . You’ve either graduated high school and decided not to go to college, or you went to college and have graduated. And the plan is, it’s a three year plan. You know, plan number one is establish your budget. Like you’re gonna have to get a car and insurance and student loans or whatever, you know, whatever your foods like.

Find out what all that stuff costs. Maybe the next year we’re. As we’re doing that, we’re focusing on like your job and your career path, and then [00:21:00] there’s year three where you’re, all right, we’ve, we’ve got a good routine now what are our goals? Like what, what, what’s our budget gonna be if we, if we move out?

I, I think they have to be pushed out at some point. And, and I don’t mean like, like a month after Sure. We start the plan, but a few years. Yeah. And, and, and they gotta go figure it out on their own. so that in that scenario you’re saying they need to be pushed out. That assumes that they’re not trying to get out.

Right. Assuming they’re not trying to get out. Right. Assume their way to getting out, I should say. Right. Or like you’re like, will hasn’t come up to you and said, look, this is my plan. I want to be out here by No, if that discussion hasn’t happened, like I think there needs to be a discussion. This is your plan.

Let’s build your plan. Cuz you can’t live here until you’re 20. And I’m, I’m picking up, I’m, I’m making up a number. Like the plan is 23, 24, 25, and when you’re 25 and a half, like we’ve met all these goals and we’ve hit our plan, we hit [00:22:00] our numbers, and you’re out unless something else happens, right? Sure.

You break up with your girlfriend and you spiral into a, like a depress funk for a year and a half. Like, okay, maybe that has altered our plan a little bit. What about parents? , like still willingly provide support. So like, let’s use the scenario where the kid’s out, but mom and dad are covering maybe more than what you were describing, like the car payment, like paying half of rent, or you still have mom and dad’s credit card.

Like, I mean, do we have any opinions on that or is that. It’s gotta stop. You can’t, I don’t think you can do it. Yeah, I agree. I agree with you a hundred percent. I mean, unless it’s like, oh, my, my kid has to live in a 3000 square foot apartment. So yes, I have like that’s, I think that’s bullshit. I think, yeah, if your kid wants a 3000 square foot apartment, they need to get a better job or get a third job or a fourth job.

If, cuz they’re not, they’re, they shouldn’t be coming back [00:23:00] to you for that. I think most kids when they graduate in, in today’s world, can get a. That can, that can afford them the basic lifestyle needs, food, clothes, roof over their head. Maybe you won’t get ’em the BMW or the beautiful place in Exton that overlooks the pool , but they, they can afford to, to be independent.

Yeah. And look. . They get in a car accident and there’s a medical bill. Yeah. Mom and dad should be there to help out. Cause that stuff’s everybody. Everybody needs help. And everybody’s gotten help to some extent. Yeah. So, but no, they, they gotta, they gotta be out man. Yeah, cuz I think that scenario and we see it more from the parents like wanting to, or maybe not wanting to, but feeling like they have to help.

And a lot like we come at it more times than not from the [00:24:00] perspective of the parents. Right. Is this detrimental to the parents’ financial plan providing that type of help? . I can’t say that I’ve gotten into a lot of conversations when someone expresses that as something they want to do or feel like they need to do.

I’m not talking about the kid. I’m not like, well, why does the kid need this? Or have you considered, you know, having a conversation with your son or daughter about why they need you to do X, Y, and Z? Um, which I don’t know is really our place, but it, it’s an element, I guess, of this particular topic. For sure.

So what did we conclude here? Nothing. Anything

Um, what did we conclude? I think we concluded that when there’s no, there’s no exact when and the when is different in every case, but that assuming both kids and parents want there to be [00:25:00] an off the payroll, there’s gotta be a plan to get. That’s fair enough. So really no conclusions.

All right. Moving on. This article is called Do You Know How to Behave? Are you Sure How to tip, how to Text Tip, ghost hosts and generally exist in society today? This article got a lot of feedback on Twitter, good and bad. I’m not sure how much you guys saw, but that’s where I came across it. It’s a list of etiquette, etiquette rules, and I’m putting that in air quotes to abide by in different situations.

The categories they use are friends and lovers, strangers and others going out and staying in tipping, work the city, parenting, posting, and texting. I just, I, I, I highlighted a couple that just stuck out at, at me. It’s, yeah, one way or the. I mean, there’s a hundred and whatever, 40 of these, and many of them are just, [00:26:00] just really dumb, honestly.

But like, here’s one, and, and these are, to clarify, these are like etiquette rules, like in an, and it has a, like a header, for example. Yes. Don’t feel bad about standing up in the aisle immediately upon the plane landing. Oh, and then it says, flying is bad enough already. Do what you can and make things better for yourself.

That’s the advice about, don’t feel bad about, say, I have the exact opposite opinion on that. There’s nothing more rude you can do then do that. Now, maybe this is, this is obviously written by a young person, , this article, so maybe this is what the, you know, the young people, the generation feels about just look out for yourself.

But that to me was like, you kidding me? Okay. I don’t think it’s rude. It’s totally rude. It’s not rude if someone stands up when the plane stops. It’s stupid. [00:27:00] Well, it’s stupid. It’s not rude. All right. I’m, I’m thinking of the standard and then the moving down the aisle, like going ahead of you. Oh, out of your aisle.

Some people that’s rude. So I was picturing that No, but this, but this advice is, was saying go ahead and do that. 37. Yeah. That wasn’t even in the category we were in. We were focusing on Go ahead, think about yourself. Don’t worry about it. Move forward. Yeah. That one’s dumb. I would agree with that. And they’re the worst kind of people.

Yeah. I, I mean, I thought under the heading that we were under, going out and staying in, there were a lot that I kind of agreed with. Okay. Um, some that kind of confused me. Give us one that confused you. Uh, white people should not use any variation of racial slurs at karaoke. I, I was confused by that from the standpoint of like, obviously white people shouldn’t use racial slur.

you should, like what? Like what do you do [00:28:00] if someone picked a song with a racial slur? You don’t say it right, but like, so you say like, uh, you just like leave a blank word. Yes. Obviously you’re not gonna say the racial slur. Right. But like, you don’t say brother or prayer. No, no. Or, or like, no. Or, or bastards.

We’re obviously talking about one particular racial slur. But No, you don’t. No, I mean, I mean, you can think of it. You don’t fill the. I’ve never done karaoke at a bar. I can’t imagine doing a song that would actually have a racial slur in it. If you did karaoke, you would though, cuz those are the songs.

You know the words too. I would, we would, first of all, you do karaoke to sing , right? Like no people do it around. Didn’t believe you. Really? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm . Yeah. This is why I was confused. Like, I like, yeah. I would never pick a rap song at karaoke. What would your karaoke song be? Um, it would be Sanaria by Sublime.

Oh God. , what would yours be? Mike, come on. Can we get off of this [00:29:00] karaoke? Why’s my topic bad? Okay, like another one here. Venmo’s Remind button is too aggressive. Text them instead. It’s great advice. It’s great advice. I, I’ve never used or gotten a remind on Venmo, so I don’t know how aggressive it is or isn’t, but I mean, They’re basically saying, don’t robo remind somebody, just give ’em a text.

And, um, I don’t understand why that’s such a big deal. Like if, if they’re gonna Venmo you Yeah. And they get a notice from Venmo like, Hey, by the way, like, you owe me 40 bucks for the gift. Well, what’s wrong with that? I don’t think that’s a big deal. . Um, the three on the birthdays, I couldn’t agree more with after high school, you’re not allowed to be a birthday diva.

Oh yeah. No one gives a shit. Not even like 30 No. Or 40, no. And that, well, those two ages, even 21 dovetail into 63, which is if you plan a birthday trip, [00:30:00] I would argue party event for your birthday aggressively. Make sure people understand they don’t have to participate. Agreed. I I, I like the 30. Birthday and like somebody throws their own birthday, bash their own.

Yeah. I think it’s, no, no, no. I’m, I’m not suggesting that that’s bad. I’m suggesting that if you’re gonna do it, you have to make sure people know they don’t have to come. Oh, they said like, and, but they’re saying like, you can’t use the day to make unreasonable demands on people. Right? Yeah. Okay. I thought it was saying like, you.

No, because like my cousin, my Melissa’s cousin, like, she had like the pimp glass, like on her 40th. Like it was awesome. Like it was a party. No, I, and I think if you wanna do that, great, but like, if you’re gonna go away for a weekend, you can’t expect your best friends to like drop money, time off work to go celebrate your 32nd birthday.

Like, that’s bullshit. Don’t go into a phone vortex at dinner. No brainer. Yeah. Um, if you bring something to a, To eat or drink, you cannot take [00:31:00] it home. Yeah. I think there’s a lot of people that don’t know this man. This is like basic etiquette. How about this one? It’s a little out of the category, but it it’s jumped out at me.

saw someone shoplifting. No, you didn’t. I love that. Ditto for jumping the turnstile. Yep. So, so you’re in a store and someone’s just chucking stuff in a bag. You, you’re, you’re not my. , what store any, does the store deserve to have their stuff stolen? Uh, like if it’s at rest, restoration Hardware, take as much as you can.

If it’s at target, take as much as you can. I mean, if it’s a mom and pop boutique, where like, okay, different but like big corporations, I could not care less if you take, but like every item from Target. So now I have to, uh, pay more next time I go to Target because of that, uh, policy. Yes. You won’t even feel it.

You wanna notice it , but Pottery Barn, like if you’re taking some drapes from Pottery Barn, they’re charging like $3,000 for which you, I can get the same ones at Target for like 200. I’m not saying anything. Take [00:32:00] ’em with it. , my God. Uh, no. Like honestly, like if I saw someone shoplifting, I probably wouldn’t say anything because I don’t wanna get shot.

Cuz you never know. No, I understand what can happen. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, I may like, yeah, I would probably just turn around and walk out. Man. You wouldn’t even say something under your breath like, really dude. No, no. You kidding me? I want to in those types of situations, but people are crazy man. I know.

You’re right. I mean, you probably doesn’t matter where you are. People are crazy. , some Karen might turn around and fricking tase me. But, but, but this advice was not because of that, this advice is basically etiquette. Like, like, like ignore someone who’s blatantly stealing shit because it’s, I guess to your point, it’s none of my business, not my problem.

Look, if I just came back from Afghanistan and I’m in like a, I’m a Navy Seal. Yeah. I see somebody, uh, shoplifting. I, I might say something. I’m gonna say something. I want this one to be a PSA to everybody I ever go on a trip. Whoever put the most work into planning the trip gets [00:33:00] first dibs on the rooms.

Like Absolutely. I, I know, I, I mean this, this happened to Caroline for her, with her, um, house next year. She found it. She did all the legwork and someone else like claimed the, the good room. Yeah. And she’s bullshit, upset about it and, She’s having a hard time trying to rectify it cuz she doesn’t want to be the jerk and all that.

Yeah. So, yeah, that’s, that’s even more difficult cause you’re talking about living somewhere. Yeah. Yeah. If that was me, I’d be like, I’m not settling for the less, you know, the, the second best room. But on trips it’s like, you’re right, oftentimes, and two, it has to do with like singles and couples, right?

It’s like this couple gets that room cuz it’s bigger and there’s two people and it’s like, no, but I did all of this work. I should get my choice. That’s underst. For sure. I don’t think it is. No, I’m saying it should be on. It should be. I don’t think it is. How do you guys feel about, um, 79 if you lose or break something you borrowed offer to replace it?[00:34:00]

Yeah, absolutely. Right? Yeah. Who would not offer to replace it? I think there’s people that wouldn’t, Hmm. I’m, I, I go even like a step further. Like if you borrow something, if it’s possible to send it back in better condition, do it. Right? You borrow somebody’s car and it’s got like three quarters of a tank filled up.

Mm-hmm. put some washer fluid in it. Yeah. I mean, I just, that’s fair. I interact with people that like, have interacted and maybe, maybe I’m specifically thinking about my wife, who it’s like , like she ran over my brother’s tent, like my brother let us borrow a tent. So it was in like the packaging and she ran over it with the car and like ripped the bag that holds it.

And I’m like, what? Like we have to get ’em a new tent. Mm. We could probably just find the bag that holds it, but you may have damaged a tent. Like, and she’s like, no, just give it back. I’m like, we can’t just give it back to him. , now we have the busted tent tent with the hole in the cover and we gotta get him a new one.[00:35:00]

Yeah. And she like, looked at me like I was crazy. I borrowed, um, a sweater from my girlfriend. Long story ripped my whole jumpsuit down the side, so it was a pretty SOS emergency situation. Borrowed the sweater. Lost said sweater. I mean, I had it in my possession for like two hours and it was just gone.

Whether it was an Uber or a Barlo, I don’t know. And I sent her a gift card, which the sweater, I have no idea where she got it from. I have no idea how much money she spent on it, but I sent her, I think I had like a hundred bucks to Nordstrom and she. Shocked and appalled. She was like, Meg, it wasn’t even like a cool, like an important sweater.

Like you don’t need to do that. And I’m like, you gave me an article of clothing when I was in distress and I lost it. , like, your grandmother may have like escaped a concentration camp with that sweater. Notice like, I don’t care if it was $3 from Walmart, or maybe it was more than that from somewhere else, but like, what do you, how could I not [00:36:00] do

No, that’s the, that’s the right move You have to. I mean it, but the fact that she was so shocked that I did it, I was like, what did you expect? What do you feel about this one? Because I wasn’t really aware of this until somebody, one of Melissa’s friends said it. They said, Hey, why don’t you guys come over?

They invited our family over to hang out and have dinner. They weren’t like making dinner, but like, Hey, we’ll just order takeout or something. And she insisted that they buy the. Like, we couldn’t chip in at all. And I just, I, I never had heard of that before. Like if I say to my, like, to you, Mike, hey, why don’t you and Pam, the kids come over we’ll, like, order some dinner, whatever.

I never, now, I never realized that etiquette is, I pay for it all. Like there’s no splitting. The, the, the, the takeout bill. You pay for it as the host? Yes. How? Like I’m picking it up, right? I’m just, I’m just gonna pick it up, pay for it and No, no, no, no, no. Like you, I come on over and we’ll, we’ll just [00:37:00] order some dinner like we’re not cooking, but we’ll order some dinner.

You and the family come over and we’ll hang out. And then the etiquette is the host. Pay for it. Do not split it. Yeah, I would do it the other way. Like if I was the one invited over, I would insist to pay to pay for the food. , like, I’m, you’re hosting me. Even if I’m bringing food, I’m probably drinking or I’m using the bathroom, or I’m, you maybe did something to like straighten up the house, so like, I’ll bring the food.

Moses’s friend was adamant like, no, no. We invited you over for dinner, whether we’re making it or, or we’re doing takeout. We’re paying, we’re covering it. I was like, that’s interesting. I never looked at it that way, but I, I kind, I mean, I know I now I kind of feel where she’s coming from. I get it. Yeah, I don’t know if I’m like, so antis split though.

Like I’m not itemize the bill and divide 12 ways. But like if two families are hanging out and having dinner and it’s like you and all your kids and you and all your kids like, [00:38:00] yeah, if we spend 200 bucks on food, here’s a hundred, here’s a hundred E. Like that to me doesn’t feel inappropriate at all. No, I don’t think it’s inappropriate.

But yeah, I was, I was, Shocked to to see her side of it, which was now that we invited you, you’re our guest. We’re paying. Yeah. That’s interesting. Yeah. So generally speaking, do we think we’re polite people? . All right, let’s go. Move on to our top five. All right. Top five. Favorite entertainers with famous parents, and by favorite, it’s like people that you personally like.

Not sort of like just the most popular popular, right, right, right. And we We allowed for athletes. Correct. We allowed for entertainers, which is maybe actors, mu musicians, athletes. Yeah. Okay. So I didn’t know that they had to be our favorite. I just made a list of like, people that had famous [00:39:00] parents. We’ll, pick your favorites.

Yeah. Yeah. Like none of them I’m like, are like, oh, I really like that movie. But that, that, that, that guy’s in. So. Okay. It just, whatever it is. What? It’s . All right, I’m gonna go first. All right. Kate Hudson had her on my list. Kate Hudson’s parents are Goldie, Hans, her mom, her mom’s Goldie. Kurt Russell’s her stepdad.

Okay. Yeah. I’m a Kate fan. Yeah. Hard not to be. Yeah, she’s a cutie dude. She’s a romcom. Legend. Yeah. . Yeah. Um, okay. I’m like on a Miley Cyrus kick right now. It’s a good one. Yeah. , I, you could have Billy Ray as far as I’m concerned, but you party in the usa. Come on, slaps. As the kids say her new music is awesome.

Not a Disney Miley person, but, She’s really coming to her own. You can keep wrecking ball as far as I’m concerned. Yeah. It is like a little dramatic. Yeah. Uh, but I get that. Um, [00:40:00] the Curry Brothers, Steph and Seth, their father, Dell was a Okay. NBA player. Fair. That’s fair. Okay. I really like. Chris Long, former Eagle.

Yeah. Howie Longs. Mm-hmm. . And then the, I just kind of needed another one. , uh, Zoe Kravitz. Okay. Did I take a lot of people’s Just one. Took just one for me. Okay. That all right. That’s why I wanna do it first. . I’ll go if you want. Okay. I’ve got, um, I got Jeff Bridges, his father, Bo Bridges, or not, not Bo Bridges.

Did I just screw that up? , his brother’s, Bo Bridges. His dad is Lloyd Bridges. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. And I like Jeff. I, I think he’s great. I like him in everything he does. Jeff Bridges is good. Yeah. I’ve got, um, I can’t believe Meg, you didn’t do this one. Um, Dan Levy, father Eugene Levy. [00:41:00] Dan is the, uh, oh, that’s such a good one.

Chitz Creek. Yeah. . Oh, that’s such a good one. Yeah, I don’t know. You miss about on that one. Um, I got Brett Hall, father Bobby Hall. Okay. That Brett’s a Brett’s a Yeah. Hilarious dude. Great player, ex-player. Um, I’ve got Ben Stiller. Mm-hmm. . Ooh, that’s a good one. Because I like Ben and I think he’s great and everything.

He is great. He does. Yeah, he is. Yeah. And his father was fantastic. Dude. He’s king of Queens, right? His dad. Yeah. Jerry’s Jerry May be the. part of that show and that show’s good. Like he’s the best part of everything he does. I don’t know if I know him from anything else. Zoolander. He was in, oh my God, you’re right.

He is, uh, he was in Son Seinfeld. Mm-hmm. . All right. So, which you didn’t watch. No, that’s a good one. Uh, my last one, and this isn’t my top or anything cuz I’m sort of Luke Horn on this dude. Michael Douglas, his dad’s famous. Yeah. . He’s [00:42:00] dead now, but he was like a, he was in like Spartacus and all these like, oh, legend.

Michael Douglas is like a hundred. Yeah. I’m not a fan of Michael Douglas. I’m not a huge one either. I’m like his face . Really? Yeah. I don’t like his, I don’t think I mind his face. Think he’s like really sick, isn’t he? I think maybe. Yeah. Yeah. He’s gotta like 105. Yeah. He’s old as shit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right.

What you got you? I got Brandon Lee died during the filming of the Crow father Bruce Lee. Mm-hmm. . I have Angelina Jolie. Yeah. And you like, well, that’s, yeah. No, I didn’t, I didn’t base it on who I like. Who do you not like? Angelina or John? Angelina. Okay. Yeah. I like John because John’s, I like John. Awesome.

Yeah. Yeah. I got Jack Osborne, Ozzie and Sherry o Sharon Osborne, , what’s the sister’s name? You should have went with her. She’s more famous than, I forget her name. That’s probably why I didn’t include it. Uh, I was talking to Melissa about this last night and she out. She said this one wouldn’t be acceptable, but Hailey and Eminem, [00:43:00] that’s not acceptable because she’s not famous.

Correct. Okay. Then I’ll go with Liv Tyler. And Steven Tyler. Yeah, that’s a good one. And then my number one is Ziggy Marley and Bob. . Can’t believe that. Yeah. Good one. That’s good list. That’s good. I feel like Ziggy is actually your favorite. Like that was, yeah, like I like Ziggy and I love Bob. Yeah. Cool.

Well thank you for listening. Yeah. Go Birds. Go Birds. See ya.